8 reasons for a muscle building workout

8 reasons for a muscle building workout

Fitness is the unstoppable trend that reinvents itself every year and motivates countless people to lead an active lifestyle. General fitness ̶ under which strength, stamina, flexibility and speed fall ̶ can also be described with the expression of the conditional abilities. Most fitness workers are primarily concerned with muscle strength and endurance. However, muscle building training can also improve the other conditional abilities.

A muscle building workout has the following positive health effects on our body:

1. The optical change

This is probably the main reason why many people start with muscle building training: the desire to change the appearance. Strength training allows the body to shape and change. The closer we get to our visual “ideal”, the more comfortable we feel. Although this process can not be implemented overnight, but with ambition and discipline, the first small changes quickly become noticeable.

2. Resistance in everyday life

Muscle training strengthens also the passive structures of our body. These include the tendons, ligaments, joints and bones, but also conjunctive tissue structures such as. the discs, which are strengthened by the muscle building training. Bone strengthening helps to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Strong muscles relieve the joints and can thus prevent premature joint wear.

3. Slowing down the biological clock

Physical fitness peaks at mid-twenties and then decreases slowly but steadily. At a certain age (about 35 years), muscle performance drops by around one percent each year. This process can be influenced and slowed down with well-structured strength training. Therefore, it is never too late to start training.

4. Mental strength in the gym and everyday life

Each muscle building unit is a challenge, both to the body and to the mind. If we pursue a long-term goal and are ambitious and disciplined in the gym, these positive qualities of success can also be transferred to other areas of our lives, such as our private and working lives.

6. Improvement of metabolic parameters

Muscle gain training has a positive effect on blood sugar and fat metabolism, e.g. sugar molecules and fatty acids are better absorbed by the muscle cell and metabolized. Even if you are not exercising, the muscles are able to make a positive contribution to the metabolism. Musculature is referred to as an active body mass that burns fat and sugar in the blood even when at rest, thereby contributing to increased energy expenditure.

7. Avoidance of back pain

Today, 80% of people in Germany complain about back pain at least once in their lives. Back pain has become a widespread disease that can have a very negative impact on the quality of life. The causes are multifactorial. It is believed, however, that today’s lack of exercise carries the greatest blame for this phenomenon. Strength training strengthens the back and acts preventively against the consequences of sedentary society.

8. Muscle building training makes you slim

Many trainers still assume that only endurance training provides for a slim figure. However, at most muscle building workouts at least as much, usually even more calories are burned. The high training intensity also ensures that after the training more calories are burned ̶ one speaks of the so called afterburning effect.

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