Armando Mayr

Armando Mayr

Athlete Profile

Date of birth: 03.04.1992
Place of residence: Goeppingen
Job: Student Automotive business
Hobbies: Sport, Travel
Height: 188 cm
Competition weight: 90 kg
Off-season weight: 95-100 kg
In training since: 2008
Competing since: 2015
Sporting role models: Many Physique’s
Greatest successes: 1st Place Men’s Physique Men over 185cm- German Championships American Dream, 6th Place Men’s Physique Junior Open Class- Arnold Classic in Madrid, 6th Place Men’s Physique Men over 185cm- Mr. Olympia Amateur in Liverpool
My favorite product: YIPPIE!® Bar Salted caramel

Armando Mayr

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