The best diet and proteins that match your body morphology

Make the most of your morphotype

As far as body types are concerned, one size does not definitely fit all. There are not two same individual bodies or minds. We all possess unique qualities, and when talking about dieting and planning our training we must know well what suits us best to achieve the best results.

We can divide body types in three groups:

And we cannot say we belong to just one group. In our view, we are a combination of the three types but are closer to one of them.
We are going to discuss each one and we are going to give a few specific dieting tips for each type, so that you can identify what is your main type.


It’s the typical skinny type, very excitable and nervous. They can eat as they please, and they are always thin. Even defined! They do not easily gain weight. The upside of this type is that their muscles are compact, they can eat more than the rest of us. When competing, ectomorphs do not need to follow such a strict diet.

If this is your type, you need to eat extra calories, not only to gain weight but even to maintain your muscle mass and weight.

– Eat all kinds of carbs. I recommend rice, cereals, fruits, bread or pasta (preferably whole).
– Regarding proteins, consume fatty meats: red meat, oily fish, choose chicken and turkey legs over breast. Egg whole eggs, two or three yolks per day will not be a problem.

Recommended product: Mega Mass® 4000. It provides you with high quality energy and proteins to cover the most demanding workouts needs.


Meso means “medium”. They are somewhere in between Ectomorph and Endomorph. It’s the ideal body type. With an athletic complexion, they can easily develop muscle strength and mass. Between you and me, this is the type we usually we say has “good genes”. Their diet can be varied and not too strict, although they must watch and not relax because they can store unwanted fat if they let themselves loose.

– They can eat proteins from all sources, low-fat like chicken breast and fattier proteins like oily fish and red meats. The latter only twice a week.

Recommended product: Premium Whey. A healthy protein with a low absorption rate, an essential product for endurance athletes and for all those people who want to kee a healthy and balanced diet.


This type has a wide bone structure, a tendency to be overweight and gains weight easily. The upside is that these people, when they train regularly, can gain strength and build muscle comfortably. So if they follow a sensible diet they can obtain optimal results.

I recommend low-glycemic carbohydrates: all kinds of veggies, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oats, and moderate amounts of fruits (especially berries).

For the endomorph type I recommend low-fat proteins: chicken breast, turkey, egg whites and non-oily fish. Have moderate amounts of oily fats, and stay away from red meats.

Recommended product: Cell Growth. Its innovative formula has been specially designed to boost muscle growth and at the same time guarantees adequate fat metabolism.

So what is your body type? I think most of us are a mix of the three with a predominant type. The more you know yourself, the better you will be able to design a diet, a training program and a lifestyle.

Celeste González