Interview Antonio Pozo


Hello Antonio,
first let me welcome you as a new WEIDER athlete. We are really happy to know you as an athlete for WEIDER and we are looking forward to work with you for a long time. I think there are a few people out there who don´t know you by know. Could you please introduce yourself to the WEIDER Community?!

Hi Dear, first of all I would like to say that It is an honour for me to be part of Weider Team.

Well, this is Antonio Pozo, and I am a 26 years old fitness-model from the south of Spain. I started to take my career as a model more seriously since September of last year, and it´s been quite the ride ever since. I am now a sponsored model an athlete.

What was the first time you came in contact with WEIDER. How did you met with us and what was your first impression about WEIDER?

Well , I know Weider since I was doing sports. The first time that Weider Germany contacted with me it was 2 weeks before FIBO expo because my good friend Mario Hervas talked to Weider Team about me, then I received a phone call from you telling me that you were looking for a new athlete and that I was the person they chose. My first impression when I talked with you it was very positive, you were so professional and I had the feeling that we were working together since a long time.

How did you get into the bodybuilding sport and lifestyle. What have you done before you decided to live a life like this and what keeps you motivated every day?

I studied Industrial Engineer but my life was always related to sports. I played football since I was 6 until I was 21. In that times I decided to be more focus and dedicated in my studies, but I felt in myself that I was missing something, and in that moment I started to go the gym. During the last 5 years I have been working out and I have to say that this is the lifestyle I wanted to have.

If there is something that motivates me to continue working it´s to see all the support I have from the people in my social networks. There is no price for me when someone says to me that I inspire him. This makes me realize that all the effort and dedication I do day by day it worth it.

Have you already competed at any bodybuilding competition? Where will your fans see you competing next time?

I would like to announce that it is almost sure that I will compete next year in WBFF in Denmark, the competition will be in May.

After the Mr. Olympia competition what do you think about the final result of the Men´s Physique class? Have you seen the competition and what do think about the new Men´s Physique Mr. Olympia Jeremy Buendia?

It is difficult for me to say who was the best because the level of the competition it was very high. Lot of athletes deserved to win.
I think that Jeremy Buendia had a great physique , he possed really good on the stage so in my opinion he was very professional.

We have seen a little video on your facebook account where you were driving in a car and someone was filming you meanwhile. Could you maybe tell us a little bit about this video?

Lol , I think I cant say a lot about the video →. I just want say that stay tuned because news are coming soon about it.

Is there something you would like to let your fans know on this way or is there any special person you would like to thank?

I have no words to thanks to my people to all the support I receive from them day by day. They are my biggest motivation. I wanna thanks to the people that support me since the first moment I decided to be in this Industry, like my parents, girlfriend, nutritionist and my closest friends.

Thank you very much for your time and sharing your point of view with us. Again I would like to say that we are very happy to know you as a WEIDER athlete and we are looking forward to work on a very successful career with you. We at Team WEIDER wish you all the best for the upcoming competition and the following season. Thank you so much for sharing some time with us.