Whether the theories about somatotypes and especially hardgainers are accurate remains an ongoing debate. However, some people seem to have a harder time gaining weight than others.
Sometimes these differences might actually have genetic reasons, sometimes people just need to improve their eating habits – and we get it, it´s not always easy to be disciplined and stick to your nutritional protocol these days. If you really want to gain muscle mass and achieve the physique of your dreams, you have to stay focused on your goal and do whatever is necessary.
Gaining muscle requires a constant surplus of calories as well as a sufficient amount of dietary protein. Although there are no shortcuts and no substitutes for hard work, dedication and discipline, there are some helpful tools to make sure you are ingesting enough calories to reach your goals.
WEIDER®´s infamous weight gainer MEGA MASS 4000 has been an athlete´s favorite for many years for those exact same reasons: It is easy to prepare, provides a ton of essential nutrients and, most importantly, tastes absolutely delicious.
Ambitious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts all over the world swear by the effectiveness of this legendary muscle builder.
As WEIDER® takes a lot of pride in innovation and science-based cutting edge ingredients, the latest reformulation of MEGA MASS 4000 has really set a new industry standard.
With a staggering 811 calories per serving, the new and optimized MEGA MASS 4000 only contains high quality carbohydrates that will not result in extreme blood sugar spikes, as caused by many other products full of sugar. Furthermore, MEGA MASS 400 provides incredible 49 g of protein (Vanilla flavor), which contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass. MEGA MASS 4000 exclusively relies on high quality proteins from milk, like casein and whey protein, and eggs. These proteins exhibit an extraordinary high biological value, meaning that they present the perfect amino acid supply for your muscles.
The well thought-out micro nutrient Matrix in MEGA MASS 4000 provides key vitamins and minerals to support the metabolism of macronutrients such as carbohydrates and proteins.
On top of all that, MEGA MASS 4000 is enhanced with 3 g creatine per serving, which will improve your power output during intense training sessions. In order to assure maximum quality, MEGA MASS 4000 uses a branded creatine raw material called CREAPURE®. The German creatine might very well be the highest quality creatine on the market right now, which makes it the perfect match for the premium, first-grade weight gainer MEGA MASS 4000.
Besides being used to ramp up your caloric intake in order to gain some serious muscle mass, MEGA MASS 4000 is also a perfect post workout shake after intense and exhaustive training sessions. The all-in-one formula provides everything your body needs after hard physical exercise: High quality carbohydrates, proteins with a high biological value and creatine. You can easily cut the serving size down according to your demands to match your exact nutritional needs – at any time and during any training phase.
WEIDER®´s MEGA MASS 4000 is available in a 3 or 7 kg container, providing a total of either 20 or 46 servings. You have the tough choice between the three extremely delicious flavors vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

In order to maximize your results even more, WEIDER® offers a broad range of high quality products and nutritional supplements that can be perfectly combined with MEGA MASS 4000.
If have a hard time gaining weight, you need to consume more calories. WEIDER®´s Premium AMINO powder is a complete intra workout formulation, consisting of high quality carbohydrates, free form essential amino acids (EAAs) and important electrolytes. By adding the refreshing intra workout drinks to your nutritional protocol, you not only supply your muscles with substrate to train harder, but you also increase your calorie intake.
Did you have a tough and exhausting day at work? As we have learned, consistency is key, so no excuses! Don´t even think about skipping your workout! You have a goal – did you already forget about that? Sometimes a little boost will do the trick – just try WEIDER®´s Total Rush 2.0 pre workout powder for a serious energy kick and some extra motivation. Always on the run? No problem – there´s also a convenient Ready-to-Drink version of the much-loved RUSH.

Protein bars and snacks are also an important addition to your nutritional plan when you have trouble to achieve your daily protein intake and your total calories. WEIDER® offers a large selection of delicious and nutritious bars and snacks in a variety of forms and flavors.
You like chocolate? Good. Try our 60% Protein bar. Not only the highest protein content out there, but also the most mouth-watering milk chocolate flavor you will find.
You like candy bars but always have the guilty conscience right after indulging? No worries, we got something for you. Try our YIPPIE! Bars. They taste even better than most ordinary candy bars and provide up to 37% percent of protein. Almost too good to be true!
You are already tired of eating regular protein bars all the time? No problem. Just have a cookie. Or a whole bag of cookies. Our brand new YIPPIE! Cookie bites are absolutely delicious mini cookies. Each 50 g bag contains 15 g of high quality protein, including whey protein.

Stop leaving your muscle growth to chance. Have a plan and stick to it – growing muscle takes time and consistency. You have to be willing to sacrifice. Just be patient and do your absolute best every single day. Your efforts will pay off in the long run.