Protein Nutrition Tips for When You’re on the Go

Protein Ernährung

An appropriate diet is key to developing a defined and muscular body – this is common knowledge. Most people are also aware of the basic rules of a balanced and goal-oriented diet: Sufficient high-quality protein, at least five servings of fruit & vegetables per day and, depending on your body goal, either an excess of calories or a calorie deficit (less calories than the body requires).

It’s not always easy to stick to your personal, smart nutrition protocol when you’re on the go. This is usually the fault of the supermarkets with their inadequate product ranges, or the fast food restaurants with the calorie bombs they have on offer – right? Well, that’s actually not the case. He who seeks will find. It goes without saying that maintaining a balanced diet away from home requires a certain amount of extra effort, but where there is a will, there is also a way and, as they say, ‘no pain, no gain’.

Anyway, enough with the annoying clichés. Sure, the easiest way would be to plan and prepare your meals – but that’s not the topic of this blog post. It’s about nutrition on the go when you find yourself completely unexpectedly in an unknown area and suddenly get hungry, or feel your laboriously trained muscle mass slowly but surely wearing down.

In order to avoid disaster in this situation, you must first scan your surroundings. Have you been able to locate a branch of a fast food chain or a supermarket? Good job! Now it’s all about making the right decisions so you don’t put your hard-earned muscles at risk.

Hunger is a pretty nasty thing. It often manages to shut down all the areas of your brain responsible for rational action. For this reason, there is a common rule of thumb that you should never enter a supermarket on an empty stomach. However, since there seems to be no way around it in this scenario, (after all, it’s your training progress that’s at stake) you have to keep a cool head. Anyway, the voice of reason in your head should be louder than the growl of your stomach.

1. Tip: Avoid the Fast Food Trap

If you’re hungry and have no food prepared, the quickest way is of course to go to the nearest fast food restaurant. In the vast majority of cases, the food is extremely high in calories and has an unfavorable macronutrient composition. Let’s not even start thinking about the scarce amount of micronutrients that it provides.

Fortunately, the trend of increasing health awareness has not passed by fast food restaurants. In most of these restaurants, there are now low-calorie alternatives to burgers, fries and the like. If you read the words “wrap”, “salad” and “vegetables” on the menu, you can allow yourself to breathe a sigh of relief. Lean chicken fillet is the best source of protein. It’s important that you avoid sugary soft drinks (of course you should already know that) and too many fatty sauces. If in doubt, have the sauce served separately and use it wisely.

2. Tip: Shop Smart in the Supermarket

Supermarkets are here, there and everywhere nowadays. Thankfully, the range of muscle-building friendly products is constantly growing. Regardless of this, you can prevent a complete loss of your muscle mass even if you only have the absolute basics at your disposal.

There are many variations of ready-made salads available, often with chicken, tuna or other sources of protein. They also come with a plastic fork – not great for the environment, but, considering the circumstances, an exception can be made. Just think of the countless hours of tears and sweat you put in at the gym on Friday night, while your friends were strutting their stuff on the dance floor of your local club.

Rice wafers. The absolute classic when it comes to bodybuilding. They are easy to portion and can be enhanced with turkey breast slices or cottage cheese (of course the low fat version), which are rich in protein. Too dry for your taste? Give corn wafers a try.

Nuts provide many high-quality monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as micronutrients and are available in convenient resealable bags. This way, you don’t have to eat the whole 200 g bag of nuts in one go. Remember, nuts are great but they are also very rich in calories as a result of their high fat content. With this in mind, be sure to choose the quantity of nuts you eat wisely based on your personal training goal.

Fruit can be bought individually, can be selected according to your preferences and makes for a healthy dessert following a protein-rich basic meal. But you could have figured that out for yourself, right?

Dried meat: If you happen to venture over to the States, you’ll find this incredibly high protein snack called beef jerky in every supermarket and your luck is in – this tasty meat has now made it across the pond, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

3. Practical Supplements for Everyday Life

You should always have a shaker with protein powder and a sufficient amount of protein bars in your sports bag, at work or in the car. Always. Wherever you are. No kidding. We wouldn’t be one of the world’s leading sports nutrition companies if we didn’t have the right products on offer. Did you already hear about our WEIDER® 60% Protein Bar? Yes, you read correctly: 60% protein! And best of all, despite its extremely high protein content, it tastes really delicious! Hard to believe, but it’s the truth! Try it out for yourself!

Here are the facts: Each 60% Protein Bar provides a full 27 g of protein, contains hardly any sugar (e.g. only 0.3 g of sugar per bar in the “Milk Chocolate” flavour) and is also enriched with L-Glutamine, BCAAs and Zinc.

You can get your hands on these delicious bars in the flavours Vanilla-Caramel, Cookies & Cream, Salted Peanut-Caramel, Coconut Crisp and Milk Chocolate.

Who would have thought that we would be recommending the consumption of cookies in a health-conscious blog article? Nobody? Well, as they say, there’s a first time for everything. Thanks to the new WEIDER® Yippie! Protein Cookie Bites, you can now be sure that you’re getting enough protein by eating tasty mini cookies.

Each practical 50 g bag provides you with 15 g of protein, including high-quality whey protein, only 0.9 g of sugar and a unique and delicious taste. What’s more, the tasty Protein Cookie Bites contain 5.1 g of fiber, which helps protect you from uncontrolled and irrational visits to fast food outlets.

With this in mind, pack a few bars and cookies, and you’ll be ready for your next adventure! You won’t lose all your muscles. And that’s a promise!