Recharging the Batteries without Getting out of Shape

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In many places, August is considered a vacation month – and rightly so. Is there anything better than a relaxing break spent enjoying the summer sun?

Many of us put ourselves under more and more stress throughout the year. We all have goals, whether private, professional or in the gym. From time to time, however, it is necessary to shift down a gear and recharge your batteries. This article will tell you how to get the most out of your well-deserved break from the stresses of everyday life.

We’ve included a few helpful tips to get you back on track in your everyday life after your vacation, full of zest for life and highly motivated.

Probably the biggest mistake you can make is not doing anything. Many people think that a period of complete rest is effective in restoring any energy they have used up.
Relaxation is good, but putting at risk all the hard-earned training and diet successes that you have achieved through means of discipline and diligence throughout the year is not the smartest of ideas.

Instead, we would suggest you to try to continue your pattern and, at the very least, not to lose sight of your goals completely.

Carry on with your healthy eating habits! Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t overdo it either. Forget your meticulously organized schedules. Eat whenever you feel like it. Having said this, maintain a certain level of discipline and make sure to eat enough protein as well as fruit & vegetables. Use your free time to try out new, tasty and, most importantly, nutritious dishes while working on your skills in the kitchen. Have you ever thought about making your own protein ice cream? Well, there’s no time like the present – just have a look at our recipes section!

Keep working out or find other ways to stay physically active! There’s much more to life than sports and working out – and taking time out from your hard workouts is absolutely fine, but your body is designed to stay active. Exercise is healthy and what better chance to try out new ways of exercising than on vacation? Give swimming, hiking or dancing a go. Have you ever been waterskiing or tried your hand at climbing? No? Then use your vacation as an opportunity to broaden your sporting horizons and learn something new!

Have your wits about you! When you’re traveling, you’ll find diet traps and unhealthy temptations lurking around every corner. There’s lots of tempting food, especially at airports. After eating it, you’ll probably find yourself wondering if the disappointing meal was really worth it. Prepare yourself by packing fruit, vegetables and, of course, WEIDER® Protein bars.
Our delicious shakes are also a faithful companion for when you’re on the go. Whether Premium Whey or Protein 80Plus, simply take your practical WEIDER® Shaker with you and off you go!

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