The problem: overweight, the ratio of fat to fat-free mass is not ideal. Unhealthy eating habits and cravings make their mark. People who are overweight tend to have bad, unhealthy complexions. They tend to feel tired and washed-out and don’t have the energy they need for a proper workout.

Training units

Training takes place on two (or preferably three) days a week with training units of 60 to 70 minutes each. Each training unit starts with a warm-up and finishes with a cool-down of ten minutes. The effort involved is as follows: two weeks of high intensity, one week at a lower intensity. High-intensity week = 30 reps per set; low-intensity week = 20 reps per set. The training plan below is intended for a duration of 12 weeks. In general, you should choose easy exercises at a low intensity so that the requisite number of reps can be achieved. The weight level should be selected so that you can just manage the requisite number of reps.
The training program below is a mixture of classic volume training and elements from weightlifting and power lifting, and should be followed consistently over a period of eight to twelve weeks.

The following training plan is set up for a training duration of four weeks.

Training plan
Muscle group Exercise Sets Reps
Legs Leg presses 3 30/20
Chest Chest presses/bench presses 2 30/20
Back Cable lat pull-downs 3 30/20
Back Seated rows 2 30/20
Shoulders Shoulder presses 3 30/20
Shoulders Lateral raises 2 30/20
Biceps Scott curls 3 30/30
Triceps Triceps at the power tower 3 30/30
Abs Abdominal crunches on the machine 3 30