Strength Training 5-8 Weeks

The focus of this training plan is clearly on strengthening the body and building up muscle mass. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to increase the weights used and not to start with too many reps. The use of heavy weights stimulates the maximum number of muscle fibers in order to counter the resistance. This leads to a significant improvement in nerve/muscle coordination. When the body learns to activate more muscle fibers, more of them can be stimulated to achieve hypertrophy (growth). This results in enormous potential for increasing muscle mass.

Training units

In order to ensure tough training at a high intensity for all muscle groups, the exercises are spread across four training units per week.
The four-way split program has the advantage that the muscles used in the workout have time to completely recover. In addition, it is almost impossible to train all the muscle groups in the body at a very high level of intensity in just one training unit. It is important that concentric muscle failure occurs during the reps stated in the training plan. If a weight has been chosen that allows more than six to eight reps, it is time to increase the resistance. The weights should be increased from one training session to the next.

In addition, various high-intensity techniques may be used in order to achieve the requisite number of reps. One suitable technique is the use of intensive reps. A training session in this high-intensity range stimulates stronger muscle growth than just a workout that ends with muscle failure. You actually train beyond muscle failure. At this point, it is important to state that this method should not be used over a long period of time. If you train in this way too often, the whole body does not have a chance to recover properly.
In addition, a high-intensity workout in this range is only advisable if the body is provided with the right nutrients afterwards for effective muscle regeneration.

Training unit ATraining unit BTraining unit CTraining unit D
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Flat bench dumbbell presses 4 6-8 4 min.
Incline bench presses with barbell 4 6-8 4 min.
Bench flyes 2 8-10 3 min.
Incline overhead dumbbell extensions with EZ bar 4 6-8 4 min.
Bent-over overhead cable extensions 4 6-8 4 min.
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Squats 4 6-8 5 min.
Leg extensions 2 6-8 2 min.
Stiff-legged deadlifts 4 6-8 3 min.
Leg curls 2 6-8 2 min.
Standing calf raises 4 6-8 3 min.
Seated calf raises 2 6-8 3 min.
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Barbell shrugs 4 6-8 3 min.
EZ bar shrugs 2 6-8 2 min.
Dumbbell presses 4 6-8 3 min.
Dumbbell shrugs (forwards) 2 6-8 1-2 min.
Dumbbell shrugs (to the side) 2 6-8 1-2 min.
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Bent-over barbell rows 4 6-8 3 min.
Seated cable rows 4 6-8 3 min.
Cable lat pull-downs to the chest 2 6-8 2 min.
Leg curls 4 20 2-3 min.
Seated EZ curls 4 6-8 3 min.
Alternating seated dumbbell curls 4 6-8 2-3 min.
Biceps isolation curls (machine) 2 6-8 2 min.