Musclebuilding for Gainer – Four-way split

“No pain, no gain” is the motto of many athletes, who want to push their body to the limits with the help of tough-as-nails training units in order to stimulate muscle growth successfully. Success also depends to a large degree on the athlete’s diet. Strength and muscle mass are built up with heavy weights and high training intensity. An intelligent workout thus combines exercises with many reps and exercises from strength training, where few reps are completed but with very heavy weights.

Training units

The training program is based on an intelligent four-way split where all muscle groups are stimulated systematically for growth. Training unit A focuses on the chest and biceps. Training unit B focuses on the legs and calves. Training unit C works on the muscle groups in the shoulders and triceps. In training unit D, the focus is on the back and abs.

The training program below is a mixture of classic volume training and elements from weightlifting and power lifting, and should be followed consistently over a period of eight to twelve weeks.

The following training plan is set up for a training duration of four weeks.

Training unit ATraining unit BTraining unit CTraining unit D
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Cable flyes 4 20 1-2 min.
60° incline bench presses 1 12 1-2 min.
60° incline bench presses 1 10 1-2 min.
60° incline bench presses 4 8 2-3 min.
Flat bench presses 5 5 2-3 min.
Incline bench presses with dumbbells 4 10 1-2 min.
Concentration curls 5 10 1-2 min.
EZ-Curls 4 5 2-3 min.
Cable biceps curl 4 12 1-2 min.
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Squats 1 14 2-3 min.
Squats 1 12 2-3 min.
Squats 1 10 2-3 min.
Squats 4 8-12 2-3 min.
Leg extensions on the machine 5 8-12 1-2 min.
Stiff-legged deadlifts 5 8-12 1-2 min.
Calf raises on the machine 7 12 1-2 min.
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Presses 7 8 1-2 min.
Butterfly reverse 5 10 1-2 min.
Dumbbell lateral raises 4 12 1-2 min.
Cable lateral raises 3 10 1-2 min.
Close-grip bench press 5 10 1-2 min.
Cable push-downs 4 8 1-2 min.
Exercise Sets Reps Break
Wide-grip cable lat pull-downs to the chest 5 10 1-2 min.
Deadlift 5 5 2-3 min.
Barbell rows 4 8 1-2 min.
Close-grip cable lat pull-downs 4 10 1-2 min.
Crunches on the machine 4 12 1-2 min.

More tips – nutrition

The basic prerequisite for building muscle is always a solid supply of protein, coupled with sufficiently high energy intake in the form of carbohydrates to provide enough energy.

Protein should account for 20% of the diet so that it can be used for the building blocks of new muscle tissue. Carbohydrates provide energy and it is particularly important to have sufficient carbs in the morning and after working out. The wide variety of sources of carbohydrate mean it is possible for some of the energy to be released directly after consumption and some over a longer period of time. When it comes to the different sources of protein, the characteristics of different substances can be used to provide the muscles with a fast supply of amino acids, or a more lasting supply. The addition of special substances such as creatine, for example, may further boost the activity spectrum of a gainer.