WEIDER® motivational tips for getting started

3 questions that you should ask yourself as part of your training again and again:

  • 1. Why did I start fitness training?
2. How did my first training goals look like?
3. Am I satisfied with my physical development?

Be honest to yourself! Often you train and eat mostly healthy, but sometimes you lack the ambition, the motivation or the strength to permanently give 100% – that’s normal. There will always be situations in which the focus deviates a bit from your own sporting goals. A new job, moving to a new city or other private changes can make you take a step back.
The ultimate goal in fitness sports is not building 5 kg of muscle or losing body fat to the absolute six-pack, but RESISTANCE – always keep going. This attitude is essential to maintain motivation in the long run!
Take a few minutes and answer the questions at the end of the following tips, so that you can evaluate your point of view yourself:

Have a role model

A visual presentation of your fitness goal can help you stick to a long-term implementation. Which way did your athletic role model go and how much time was needed to reach this goal? When you realize this, it should become clear how much work is still ahead of you. Who is your role model?

Become your own expert

Each body is different and reacts differently to training stimuli and different diets. Therefore, you should find your personal way, try out a lot and try to learn to listen to your body. Start by strictly adhering to specific training programs, see how your body reacts and in the future adjust the training to your needs. What have you learned so far about your body?

Learn to love change

Always be open for new things! For convenience, many exercisers stay with the same exercise program and same nutritional composition for years, but you are robbing yourself of your own potential! The body gets used to the situation and lacks new incentives. When was the last time you changed your training completely?

Diet is your friend

Nutrition plays an important role, because only by an adapted nutrition you can reach your fitness goals. Especially at the beginning of your athletic career, you should invest approximately twice as much time in the week in the right diet as you invest in physical training. How many calories should you eat if you want to build muscle? What will change in the diet? Are you already a nutrition expert?

Mental warm-up

In professional sports one speaks of the psychology of sport. The mental component is still very much neglected today. Keeping a training book, before-and-after pictures, listening to motivational music, and watching training videos can inspire you to new heights. All of this can decide how much your focus is on training. What does your current “mental warm-up” look like?

Set yourself specific goals

Your goals should be as accurate and concrete as possible. Whether you want to build more muscle or lose body fat, you should always have a number and a period in mind to reach your goal. Maybe you’ll even reach it faster than expected in the end? No matter if it’s a competition, an upcoming vacation, a photo shoot or the goal to fight your own discomfort – scheduled specific goals keep your motivation going. What is your specific goal?