Weider Turkey

Exclusive Distributor for Turkey

Antilop Sportif Gidalar SAN. ve TIC. Ltd. STI
Basaksehir – Istanbul
Phone: 00 90 212 670 39 30 (10 lines)
Fax: 00 90 212 670 39 40 – 41

Recently, we have been receiving many questions from the valued Weider endusers in Turkey by both email and social media channels about the originality of the WEIDER products being sold in the Turkish market.


We are exporting 100% original WEIDER products to the Turkish market. Since November 2015 we are in the process of bringing the Weider original Silver and Gold Holograms up to our products to guarantee the highest product safety ever (Please see the image details besides).

As a WEIDER Family having a professional approach of 80 years of excellence to reach better in the future, we would like to declare once again that application of the Weider Original Silver and Gold Holograms is the fundamental indicator of originality of the WEIDER products being exported into the Turkish market for the purpose of giving service for secure Weider products and of protecting the originality of Weider products for you, values Weider endusers.