How to Lose Weight While Lifting Weights


Why Training with Weights Is Crucial for Women

When it comes to lifting heavy weights, many women fear that their muscles will become too big as a result. Unfortunately, this misunderstanding leads many women to focus on cardio and resistance training with light training weights.

It’s about time to put things straight and to take away the fear that women have when working out with heavy weights. Strength training with heavy weights does not automatically lead to the build-up of extreme muscle mass in women. One of the reasons for this is that women produce much less testosterone than men, the muscle-building hormone.

Consequently, women do not have to worry about gaining too much muscle mass by training with heavy weights, nor do they have to fret about looking masculine. On the contrary, working out with heavy weights builds up fat-free muscles which, in turn, increases calorie consumption and thus supports fat reduction. Strength training also aids in maintaining bone density and is very effective when it comes to preventing injuries.

If you’re one of those hard-working ladies who limits their gym efforts to cardio and abdominal training, it’s time for you to have a rethink and follow a more effective training plan that will quickly bring you closer to your goals.

Five Reasons to Convince You:

1. You Increase Your Metabolic Rate

Scientists have proven that people who exercise with weights burn more calories during and after their workout.
Half a kilo of muscle mass can burn about 35 to 50 calories more per hour than half a kilo of fat. This means that the more muscles you have, the more energy your body will consume and the more fat you will burn throughout the day.

2. Increased Fat Burning

After intensive strength training, your body continues to consume additional oxygen in the following hours and days, which ultimately results in an increase in your metabolic rate.
After a strenuous workout, methods of relaxation such as walks, visits to the sauna or other means of active regeneration can contribute to recovery and thus improve training results.
Your post-workout diet also plays an important role in achieving optimal regeneration. High-quality and low-calorie protein shakes such as the super delicious WEIDER® CFM Whey Protein are particularly suitable in this case. Mixed with water, it contains hardly any sugar or calories and provides 30 g of protein to aid your muscles.

3. Stronger Bones

Strength training not only has a positive effect on muscle development, but also strengthens your bones. This is particularly important with regards to the aging process, as women have an increased risk of osteoporosis after the menopause.
Strength training is the perfect way to counteract the loss of bone mass. The mechanical tension caused by lifting weights, which is transferred to your bones during strength training, causes them to condense through mineralization (storage of calcium).

4. Slimming

Your aim is to lose body fat as efficiently as possible? As already explained, if women train with heavy weights, this does not lead to the build-up of unattractive muscle mountains due to the hormonal differences between men and women. However, weight gain may occur due to the fact that muscle tissue is heavier than fatty tissue as a result of its higher density.

5. Alleviate Joint Pain

If you are a keen runner, then you will most certainly be familiar with the notorious “runner’s knee”. Intensive running can put particular strain on the knee joints and lead to joint pain and even inflammation.
In general, too much training as well as training in the wrong way can result in your joints being subjected to significant stress. Correctly executed training that is appropriate in terms of its intensity, however, has a positive effect on joint health.
In order to support the health of your joints through the targeted intake of high-quality nutrients, we recommend taking our WEIDER® Omega3 Caps, WEIDER® Joint Caps and WEIDER® Megabolic Paks. All these products contain high-quality ingredients that can improve the health of your joints as well as your general well-being.

And while we’re on the subject … Let’s clear up some more myths:

Strong is the new skinny – leave the light weights behind, activate beast mode and achieve your dream body.